"A friend of mine sent me the invite to the September Cleveland Dinners event and I'm so glad I attended! I immediately volunteered to join the marketing team after that dinner. I feel very lucky to work with a team that is so passionate about creating a safe space to have the difficult but necessary conversations about race and equity in our communities." ...Elizabeth Falco


With the support of local artists and volunteers, through our model we create a safe space for intentional dialogue on racial equity. After we welcome you into our virtual home and introduce ourselves, a performer jump-starts the flow of the evening, offering guests an emotional performance that gives a powerful glimpse into one's life in relation to racial equity. This is intended to allow people to share their own stories without first requiring a person of color to put their personal pain on display.

After the performance, we break out into groups with designated trained facilitators who guide and keep the conversation on track in every breakout room. Couple this with intentional diversity in every breakout room--mixed by race, geography, economics, and age--we strongly believe this fosters the potential for productive dialogue on this critical issue, one we hope translates into action in neighborhoods all across Cleveland.


For information on the Cleveland Dinners or to volunteer or perform for one of our dinners, please email us at clevelanddinners@gmail.com or call 216-282-9844.

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