"A friend of mine sent me the invite to the September Cleveland Dinners event and I'm so glad I attended! I immediately volunteered to join the marketing team after that dinner. I feel very lucky to work with a team that is so passionate about creating a safe space to have the difficult but necessary conversations about race and equity in our communities." ...Elizabeth Falco
When I first heard about the Cleveland Dinners program, I knew instantly it was something I had – and needed – to get involved with. For me, the idea of sitting down over dinner and discussing current topics such as racism, in a setting where I felt safe and heard, was something I not only wanted but desperately needed. Being seated at the virtual table with strangers where we were able to discuss topics not often discussed at my own dinner table opened my eyes and heart to understand things outside of my culture and myself. By educating myself and learning from the participants at my Cleveland Dinner table, I have grown. It has given me the tools and insight to more clearly comprehend what other people and cultures are going through. By the end of my first Cleveland Dinner, I felt like we were a family. I know I have a long road of understanding and growth in front of me, but looking forward to my next Cleveland Dinner is just one step closer to becoming the person I want to be. The ripple effect of engaging in Cleveland Dinners has already begun as these conversations now find themselves at my own dinner table. How can you grow as a human being without challenging yourself and having tough conversations?
...Beth Steele Radisek
Participation in the Cleveland Dinners has given me courage and encouragement to continue the work of racial reconciliation. I have also been convicted about the need to do my own internal work on implicit bias and white privilege. This is hard and necessary work and I am grateful for the commitment of Cleveland Dinners to provide the space for it.
...Sharon Core

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


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